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Well Pump Installation

Laabs Well and Pump offers two types of systems: Standard and Constant Pressure. The Standard System is a little less costly. But if you are worried that you might have low water pressure when two or more people are drawing water at the same time, you may want to consider a Constant Pressure System. The Constant Pressure system  It is more like city water, and takes up less space and has a smaller pressure tank which is mounted to the wall.


Pump Replacement

There are a few reasons your pump might stop working: the pump is old or Mother Nature (lightning) along with the minerals in the water has caused a blockage on intake of the pump. If your pump is no longer working, call Laabs for a new pump.  We will install your new pump and we offer a 5 year warranty on pumps and motors.


Well Abandonment

Sometimes your existing well needs to be abandoned, perhaps due to contamination, or a low flow area or where there is now city water and private wells are not allowed. Laabs will safely plug your old well with DNR approved materials.


Lateral Repair and Trenching

We offer new construction waterlines and repair of leaking waterlines, as well as upgrades. We use a mini excavator to keep minimal damage to lawns.


Pressure Tank Replacement

Laabs Well and Pump installs Trident pressure tanks made by A.O. Smith and Well Mate fiberglass tanks. We offer a 5 year warranty on all tanks.

Well Chlorination

Chlorinating your well is a good idea if you are seeing high coliform levels.  We also chlorinate anytime we work inside of a well.


Well Inspections

Laabs Well and Pump does both real estate inspections, in addition to inspections for wells that are used only for outside use where there is city water and are required to have an inspection. We check and repair any issues that are not up to DNR code.  We also test to make sure the water system is working correctly.  We also take bacteria, nitrate and arsenic water tests with the inspection.


Water Samples

Anytime we do work inside of a well, we take bacteria, nitrate and arsenic samples and have them tested. Bacteria and nitrate water tests are recommended annually, and arsenic test is recommended every ten years. At the customer’s request, we can take lead, nitrite, VOC or any other test you would need.


Well Drilling and Clean Outs

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